2019 Contemporary

Landscape Planting Forum

·Beijing Gardening And Greening Bureau
·Beijing Green Garden Group CO.,LTD.
·Beijing Forestry University

·National Engineering Research
for Floriculture

·Department of Landscape at
the University of Sheffield, UK

·Retail Trade Committee of the China
Flower Association

·China Flower Arrangement Art Museum

·Garden of World’s Flowers
Partner organizations:

·Chinese Society of Landscape Architecture

·China academy of urban planning &design  Institute of landscape architecture (ILA)

·China Green Times

·Royal Horticultural Society(RHS)

·Beijing Garden Green
conversation Foundation

·College of Architecture and Art
at North China University of Technology (NCUT)

·Beijing University
of Agriculture


·Greennovator GI
Support organizations:

·Coordination Bureau of Beijing
International Horticultural Exhibition

·Beijing Flower Association

·Beijing Fengtai District
Flower Association

·The Gardening And Greening Bureau
of Fengtai District, Beijing

·Technology Innovation Alliance
of Flower Industry

·Space Idea International
exhibitional group

·Beijing Huaxiang Flower Market

·Shenyang Jianzhu University

·Landscape Architectureal in Architecture and Culture Society of China(ACSCLA)

·Hebei Society of Landscape Architecture

·Tianjin Garden Green Space Industry Association

·Tianjin Landscape Architecture and  Gardening Trade Association(TLAGTA)
Media :

·China Central Television

·China National Radio

·China Youth Daily

·People digital

·Guangming Daily

·Beijing Qianlong News Network
Communications Co., LTD.
·China Flower & Gardening News
·Xinhua News Agency

·Beijing Satellite TV

·China Landscape Architecture (CHLA)

·China Flowers & Horticulture



· Chinese Landscape Architecture

·Landscape Architecture Frontiers