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John Greenlee

John is a Californian planting designer, a world-leading expert in grass ecology and champion of sustainable design, and nurseryman who has specialised in the selection and use of grasses in meadow like landscapes. John graduated from the California Institute of Technology in Pomona with a major in ornamental horticulture.  Since 1984, he has been designing ecological grassland in gardens of all sizes in the United States and Canada. He owns California's first grass nursery, Greenlee Nursery, and was awarded the Annual Gardener by the Southern California Horticulturalists Association in 2002. He has travelled very widely looking for new grasses growing in the wild and in gardens to use in urban landscapes.  He has made a major contribution to screen grasses for use in low or no irrigation landscapes, and for the increasing need for the future of urban planting. John has designed projects all over the world, with iconic projects at San Diego Zoo, the Getty Centre in Los Angeles and Disney's Animal Kingdom in Florida etc. public spaces. John Greenlee has also created beautiful meadows gardens in private residences all over California, the U.S., including Hawaii, Morocco, the United Kingdom and Saudi Arabia. Many of his most recent meadow creations can be found adding to the beauty of Napa and Sonoma counties. John has written two books, “The Encyclopaedia of Ornamental Grasses” and “The American Meadow Garden” that have revolutionised attitudes to landscape design in the USA.