2019 Contemporary

Landscape Planting Forum


Dr .  Ye Hang

Ye is a landscape architect and post-doctoral researcher in the Department of Landscape Architecture at the University of Sheffield. Her research focus is ecological landscape vegetation planning and design and urban forest. She undertook her PhD with James Hitchmough, exploring how the Mediterranean flora of South Africa might be used as a climate change adaptation vegetation in Western European maritime cities in the C21st.  She has been working with and facilitating the work of James Hitchmough in China for 10 years, and has worked on a number of design and research projects with James to explore how new ideas on ecological planting might be applied in practice to the very different climatic, social, cultural and political context of China.  She is in a unique position to interpret and reflect on new ideas on plant use and landscape architecture, understanding as she does, both the Western European and Chinese context, and will be performing this role at the conference.